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First Shot - Learning to Shoot 

"Years ago it was easy to spark a person’s interest in hunting and fishing. Today, it’s different. So different, in fact, that fish and wildlife agencies and organizations throughout the nation are aggressively working on recruitment, retention and reactivation. These efforts have become so common they even have a new name—R3—which is shorthand for the three “Rs” in this growing field of hunter and angler outreach." 

First Shot - Learning to Shoot is designed for new and diverse audiences. This training is free to participants through an R3 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources grant in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Crookston and the Crookston Gun Club. First shot, will train participants (1) about firearm and personal safety, (2) instill basic shooting skills and (3) preparing participants for competition pending experience. 


First Shot can play a significant role in developing future generations of responsible gun owners and shooting enthusiasts. This firearm-training is for women, youth and families in northwest Minnesota. "Today, females account for nearly 70,000 of Minnesota’s 550,000 hunters, or roughly 13 percent. That compares with 51,000 in 2000 and 55,000 in 2010." We hope to continue to grow that number by providing immersive outdoor experiences that spark a life long passion for hunting.  



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